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CFOS-H201: Certified Fiber Optic Specialist – Home

The Training aligns to achieving the FOA certification for specialist applications based fiber optics certifications. This is a comprehensive program about the technology and markets affecting fiber to the home (FTTH) which includes the basics of fiber optics, installation, termination, splicing and testing.

Participant without an in-depth knowledge would after the course be able to understand the basics of FTTx and have an appreciation for the requirements for design and installation.

Course Highlights

The training applies to techs interested in understanding the entire topic of FTTx, including FTTH architectures, components, protocols, etc.) It is assumed these techs are going to be designers, installers or managers of these projects. They may be involved in installing distribution and drop cables, OLTs and ONTs, FDHs, etc. so they need a thorough knowledge of PONs and associated hardware. It is highly intended especially for the installers, to have a CFOT.

After completing this course, you should be able to understand:

  • What is FTTx? Why is it an issue now?
  • The types of FTTx & Advantages/disadvantages of each type of FTTx
  • Different types of FTTH architectures (active/P2P, PON)
  • Advantages/disadvantages of different types of FTTH architectures
  • Differences between PONs and traditional fiber networks
  • Standardized PON network types (BPON, GPON, EPON, RFOG)
  • Future developments in PONs & PON network cabling architectures
  • Testing PONs (OLTS and OTDR)

Pre-requisites / Preparation

Assumes the technician has the basic knowledge of a CFOT or equivalent.

Required / Encouraged materials needed for class

It is strongly suggested that students have basic understanding of fiber cables, splicing, termination – generally prepolished / splice-on connectors with knowledge on basic fiber testing.

Course Duration:
2 Days

This course leads to CFOS/H certification on successful completion and passing the final exam.

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