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CFOT101: Certified Fiber Optic Technician

The Training aligns to achieving the FOA certification for general fiber optics applications. CFOTs have appropriate knowledge, skills and abilities in fiber optics that can be applied to almost any job – design, installation, operation – for almost any application – outside plant, premises, manufacturing, etc. CFOT certification is based on an extensive knowledge of fiber optics technology and application as well as demonstrated skills in appropriate tasks.

Most CFOTs work in the industry as contractors or installers. Consultants, network designers, estimators and trainers would also be expected to have such credentials. Many CFOTs are involved with the manufacture of fiber optic components such as cables, patch cords, active devices and communications systems.

Course Highlights

The Course has been structured as a general technology certification, not aligned to any specific job function. It can be used by all installers, both outside plant and premises installers, two very different applications, plus component manufacturing technicians, network managers, network designers, etc. A well-prepared fiber optic technician will have a CFOT plus appropriate specialist certifications (CFOS) for the skills needed for the job (spicing, connectors, testing, design, etc.) and applications (FTTH, OLAN, etc.)

After completing this course, you should be able to:

  • Understand Fiber Optic Communications Systems.
  • Differentiate Optical Fiber types and choose the appropriate fiber for the intended system.
  • Identify various Fiber Optic Cables & choose the proper cable for application.
  • Perform Termination and Splicing and understand the right work practices that improve performance.
  • Evaluate communications system requirements, Link loss budgets with fundamental pass fail criteria’s.
  • Get basic knowledge of codes, standards, and regulations and work safety.
  • Perform Doing the installation and test and troubleshoot the installed link.

Required / Encouraged materials needed for class

It is strongly suggested that students have basic understanding of light understanding of physics in terms of transmission of light and attenuation factors.

Course Duration:
3 Days

This course leads to CFOT certification on successful completion and passing the final exam.

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